In Response to Why She Can’t

This is a continuation of sorts. A quick, fragmented thought (reaction?).

Bright, white wings. The little girl’s biggest dream was to fly. She pinned a new white feather each day.
Bright, white wings. She was ready to grow up.
Then one day, she dyed them bright pink. It was surely just a fad. She wanted them to stand out. After all, they were still wings, just full of color to boot.
Bright, pink wings. Outstretched to cover her double.
But they pulled them off. One by one, the feathers were thrown away. They deemed it Inappropriate. Uncultural. Not suiting Their standards of life and living. Diabolic. Excessive.
And evenΒ perhaps
One by one, They all disappeared.
They then pushed her back to center stage and told her to start her act. It was Time, they claimed.
But she stood there motionless. They deemed it angst. The word did not help.
They stole her wings and then, wondered why she never flew.
(Porcelain pieces scattered on a wooden floor.
She is but a broken doll.
Wings, a figment of her imagination.)
Photo Credit: d.annie

20 thoughts on “In Response to Why She Can’t

    1. haha I’m sure they do. But it requires time, right?
      Breaking her wings one day and forcing her to fly the next… that’s just unfair.
      and thanks=]

  1. Awesome write up ariyathe. I must say, u are maturing as a writer. This was almost like a film reel. I just cant explain it how, but I got ur whole point of the post. At a point, i stopped to wonder to whom it related mostly to. This particular write up is 1 many can see themselves in. Kudos!


  2. My partner in my blog wrote the other comment, but wow. Your work is phenomanal. Absoulutely.. Amazing. πŸ™‚

    How did this idea come too you? What was your inspiration and drive?

    1. haha =] hmm.. Maybe one day, we’ll come to the conclusion that we don’t necessarily need wings to fly… regardless of their color and size.

  3. as a counter point: scientists carried out measurements on the common BUMBLEBEE and opined that it wasnt meant to fly b’caus of wingspan vs bodyweightvs lift generated per flap. the revelations werent let known to the specimen in question. the bumblebee flies but. flaps more furiously to make up. Drones by the scientists, cocking a snook.

    1. In defense of scientists though, I believe they’ve pretty much figured out how bumblebees fly now πŸ™‚

    2. That’s nice.. Doing something that everyone says you can’t do.. (even if they did correct it later.) Inspiring.
      Bees as role-models.. I wonder whether they care.=]

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