beneath Her canvas

The Artist herself is dual-natured. She has two distinct souls and thus, two different pairs of windows into them. She speaks with one and thinks with the other, sees with one and looks with the other. One can never tell where she begins and ends, or even which she she truly is. The hers are both hers. An insider and an outsider.
The former scrutinizes her canvas in depth. She measures the widths of her lines as she mixes the paints with more precision than a trained alchemist.  Colors. Concentrations. Complimentary. She pulls out her hair when they do not form as she wishes and is lost in frustration by those stray markings. She paints images already formed in her mind on the blank canvas. She knows her bounds and limits. Her subjects and her audience. Simply stated, she knows what she is doing.
The latter lives without bounds. In wonder, she spends her days. She looks at her canvas and sees only dreams. In each stray mark, there’s a new story. A tale of intrigue, of adventure and of passion. She finds the world in a rectangular board, layered in pigments. There’s no end and no beginning. She cares neither for her audience nor for her subjects. She is all that she needs. On a blank canvas opens her wide world.
The Artist herself does not claim to understand her two faces. She is an artist, after all. And Those are seldom philosophers. But, as those around her change with seasons, becoming merely temporal and tenuous, she comes to the realization that she is two and not one. Because those with one are alone
and artists never are.
Photo credit: wildtek

(This is what I do in Calculus. With a mix of US History.)


9 thoughts on “beneath Her canvas

  1. Modern art huhh….cool one…This is manual drawing? or have you used any software?….Anyways i didn’t understand the pic..u have to explain it when next time we meet 🙂
    ohh ok i didn’t see the image credit…cool 🙂

    Exactly …everyone change with seasons…once mood , perceptions etc..
    Good one got very good writing skill

    Timeout timeout go and study Calculus and Us history or what ever …april is close by …no i’m not scaring U.. haha 🙂

    1. I think it’s manual but nope, I didn’t do it. I meant to have a painting I did though but my school server was being idiotic and wouldn’t open up attachments from my email=[

      Actually, they’re in May.. but I generally have an inverse relationship with my exams. I get more distracted as the time nears. keeps me sane and works for me=]


  2. Don’t know if you meant it, but the two souls do seem similar to left and right brain functions.

    Brain-cidence ?

    1. haha I thought that too as I was rereading it! But decided to leave it anyway. Perhaps brains are souls.. or the other way around, rather.
      okay, that really doesn’t make much sense. I think I’ll leave the philosophy to the other she… 0=]

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