My Mother’s Story

Found this a random flash drive. I think she wrote this for some kind of project a church friend was doing. 

My Story

I was born in a middle class Orthodox Christian family in Central Travancore. My grandfather, a very religious person, used to pray seven times in a day and he inculcated in us a strong faith in God since childhood. My parents worked hard to raise their four children. I grew up watching the hard work of my father, a gazetted officer for the state government and the diligence with which my mother, a housewife, took care of the household. She took great interest in making sure that we did well in school.

I was lucky to study in a school run by an Irish lady, Miss Brooks Smith, who spent her life in India as a missionary. I learned many invaluable lessons of hard work and compassion for other human beings from her.  Whenever we had a free time at school, I (being class leader) used to go to her cottage (in the school campus itself) and call her to come to our class. Every time she had a new story from her own life experiences to tell us, all of which are still in my mind. She used to take us to the school library once in a week and give us books to read, which inculcated a strong interest for reading since childhood. I learnt the basics in cooking, housekeeping, stitching and knitting, everything needed for a lady from her. She felt that all girls should be trained in all these before she starts a family life. I was so lucky and gifted to get the wonderful training from her.

My ambition since childhood was to become a medical doctor and I almost made it! I got accepted into the State Medical College, but unfortunately (or fortunately!) there was a court case that year filed by a group of students whereby the High Court of Kerala cancelled the merit list, and ordered to conduct another entrance examination.  Many of us who were in the initial merit list lost, including me. I was disappointed and discouraged to the core; so was my family, to see my dreams shattered. But God gave us the courage and strength to cope with that difficult situation.

I joined for post graduation and got married in between. We had our first girl soon. My husband and my parents encouraged me to go back to the university to do a Ph.D. Finally when our daughter was four years old, we both started school. There were many hassles in between that we had to face but we overcame them all by His Grace. Our daughter was gifted with the wisdom to support and encourage me to complete my studies and earn the degree. We got our second girl during my final year of the Ph.D program. As a child, she was very sick with eczema and I almost gave up my studies to take care of her. But again, by the grace of our Lord doors of help were opened to me. My family helped me tremendously and I was able to earn the doctoral degree in Molecular Biology. Today, I mentor medical doctors in their basic research, teach, and am a visiting faculty in Taiwan. I owe everything, every bit of my success, to the Almighty. I would not have made anything close to this if it was not for my parents, my three brothers, my husband, my children and for those wonderful friends whom I met along the way.

My life taught me that hard work will never fail. Time and again, we may face obstacles in our path to our goal, but we can certainly overcome them all by having strong faith in God and faith in ourselves. I believe that the biggest motivation comes from the desire to attain one’s dream. Let me leave you with a small poem, our “madamma” teacher (Miss Brooks Smith) taught us in school:

“Heights of great men reached and kept,

Is not attained by sudden flight,

They while their companions slept,

Were toiling upwards in the night.”


4 thoughts on “My Mother’s Story

  1. Wow! That was inspiring. Although I am a little cynical about God, I found this post inspiring me to work harder.

    Love your posts. Keep it up! : )

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