Acrylic on Canvas.


[for a boy, a man, a society, a god.]

Promised her dreams embroidered in the silk you chose for her. Pushed her again and again to reach higher with her hand in yours. The lasting mirage of forever. You dealt in the sweetest of words that you whispered only in the darkest of nights. She’s made up of the words you’re afraid to speak, the sentences you keep locked inside a corner of your mind. She submits only out of a fatigue you pretend to not understand.
And when you leave, she trips and falls forward, not knowing what to hold on to anymore.

Promised her you’ll lead. Obedience to you. Respect to you. A long list of what she should and shouldn’t to in order to fulfill your wishes. She followed your orders above her own brain’s because they told her that you know best. She had faith because it was all she knew. But when push came to shove, you looked ahead for yourself and gave her no warning.
And when you cut her umbilical cord, she falls blindly, feeling the precipice below her but refusing to accept that it’s there, for the fear of seeming helpless.

Promised her the equality you defined in ink. Pushed her again and again to reach higher saying she’s now allowed to. It’s the new age now. You dealt in harsh words, but time, she thought, would be on her side. She’s made up of your lust, your uncensored thoughts, the words you held inside for too long because it would be against your culture. And when she’s most vulnerable, you know she’s yours because she’s weak and powerless while you- you are the invincible. You tear her apart and eat her, until she can no longer recognize the corpse in the mirror.
And when you act like the animal you are, she fumbles over backwards, losing every inch of faith she had in humanity.

Promised her life. Faith and submission to you. Prayers and offerings to you. Charity and good deeds in your name. Rituals and traditions you subscribed. A long list of what to do and what not to she dutifully followed in your honor. A billion memorized verses in scriptures in all kinds of ancient languages taught to her by the wisest of people. Hebrew and Syriac, Sanskrit and Aramaic, Greek and Latin, Persian and Arabic. She trusted them all because you promised her a constant companion, a saviour in every time of need. But when she needed you most, you remained silent. While she searched for your face most, you looked away.
And when you did, she fell into the precipice willingly, leaving her hair to face the wind and all that comes with it.


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