I am..

Tying a string to the sun
Making mirrors into moons
Flying kites above the sky
Touring the world on clouds
Walking under seven seas
Dancing through the wind
Laughing with the rain
Holding worlds
in my palm
Chasing shadows
through the stream
Running behind memory
Falling upon dreams
In the world and Out of it too.


When I grow up, I want to be a better writer, a kinder soul and a happy person.

സ്വപ്ന[അപ്പൂപ്പന്‍ താടികള്‍, ആദ്യനക്ഷത്രങ്ങള്‍, കുപ്പിക്കുളിലെ പാവം ഭൂതം]ജീവി.


54 thoughts on “I am..

  1. Have enjoyed reviewing your site. Very interesting so I have taken the liberty to add it to my own blogroll.

  2. Hi,

    Its really curious that you are really anxious about death, the most sure thing in life. What ever else happens, the one thing that a living man can never deny is that he is born and the eternal truth is death.

    The curiosity to future, including death turns out to be the burning desire to live, most of the time, like you.

    But there are exceptions. I had a friend who madly longed to experience death. He didnt want to die, but he needed to experience death. Many times he tried to taste death. Once in Dhanushkodi, next time at Suicide point .. many many times. At last he himself injected the minimum amount poison required to death to his nerves. But he couldn’t restrict himself from crossing the limit. We got a two page writing about death till blood clotted in his head.

    Just an experience to share and think. May be horrible. but i didnt mean it.

    Your blog and thumbnail sketch is good. Keep your explorations active.


  3. Hi,

    A great description of yourself. Very genuine. I love the scenery in the beginnining of the page. That takes me somewhere far away with it.. a very serene place. I will try paint that picture.

    Take care

  4. great…..
    this is one word i can use to describe your self description it takes courage to think the way you do..more tell it out open..
    good if you wanna get answers for your unanswered questions ..just try writting them down to me..(if you don mind)
    well there is someone here who can ….may not help you but atleast guide you to something new!!!

    take care

  5. I came across this site while searching for the lyrics “Ithramel enne nee snehichirunnenkil”. Just go through your page. Seems good rare and fantastic. May GOD bless you to reach into your goals. Wish you all the best and a Happy Vishu too as today its the starting of a new year. A good day come in touch with you.

    Bye bye… Take care…
    With Lots of Love & Prayers,

  6. Hi,

    All of a sudden, when I was searching for the lyrics of Dhukhethinte panapathram your site opened on the monitor. I felt like crying when I went through it as it was as if I am seeing a mirror. My dear we keralites who are compelled to be in an asylem away from our beautiful land all feel like you. Even though I was very busy today I thought it is absolutely necessary to react about this reflection of mine. Please go ahead with your mission ( I feel it is a mission) All the very best in your life.

    Oommen T Alex( Your elder brother( as I am 49 now)

  7. Thanks for comments on my blogs, but most of them hypothetical situations & stories…

    No love stories for me…

    And loved your blog too; will add it to my list 🙂

    Best regards.

  8. I randomly came across your blog and I must say I saw a complete reflection of myself in all your posts… all that i wanted to write has been written by you…..its jus amazing to see somebody write everything that has been running in your head…being brought up in a dfferent country myself I have the same views you have of kerala…Anyways not being a good writer myself ..it feels fabulous to see your exact thoughts written by somebody else…tat too in such a fantastic way…Keep it going…and have a good life ahead 🙂

  9. Hello, Hi!. Nice of you to comment upon a beginner’s blog. And your about me is far better than any of my writings.

    Good luck


  10. Hi World Citizen, 🙂

    Thanks for your visit and comment…..and yes you have a lovely blog and a wonderful style! Thanks again!

    keep visiting

  11. hmm interesting…..where most individuals place themselves…

    and thanks for stopping by my blog

    have a good day

    1. No most individuals do not place themselves in the world…more so bcoz they are very selfish…..and sometimes egotistic………….and yes u r right…they place themselves above or below

  12. Tying a string to the sun
    Making mirrors into moons
    Flying kites above the sky
    Touring the world on clouds
    Walking under seven seas
    Dancing through the wind
    Laughing with the rain
    Holding worlds
    in my palm
    Chasing shadows
    through the stream
    Running behind memory
    Falling upon dreams
    In the world and Out of it too.

    Love the way you have told who you are. Covers so many different dimensions of you.

  13. I liked about the way you have written about you. Simple and yet something that one can identify with themself.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog and for the appreciative comment
    have a good day

  14. nice post!You will surely become an
    “Arundhathi Roy”…
    And i found that you are somewhat like me!!!Dreaming about even the lady next doors!!

  15. HONEST. thats whats so endearing about your writings. in a worid of make believe , a whiff of fresh air.

  16. TRULY i have been reading your blog for a long time now….i still wonder why i didnt comment on them till date…
    As everybody else have already mentioned.. Awesome writings, good blog and so on.. i believe by now you yourself know how good you write..
    I want you to go on.. just keep writing.. just know someone actually reads them over and over …never gets tired of such lovely writings. just write ‘ coz somewhere ..some lines are so touching and are so true
    Wishing you all the best and actually waiting to read more .. Keep Smiling and keep writing and actually keep enlightening others through this blog…

  17. hey there.. 🙂 jst started to read.. and will let u know when i finish reading.. so far its amazing and i dint know that u got talent in you… (*Escaaaape*)
    Muzhvonum vaayichu kazhinjittu abhipraayam parayaatto.. ariyaathe aano arinjittaano ennu ariyaallo..?? 😀

  18. Super…
    Citizen of The world!!!
    Expects Another Global Citizen of God’s Own Country like the Great Arundathi Roy through the creator of this Blog…

  19. hmmmm…. simply superb…. i was wondering how u can write “About Me” in such an elaborate and magnificent way…. i still don know what to write about me….. may be i have not looked in to my self more… he he…

    anyway superb yaar … whom evr u be……….

  20. Cool 😉

    I dont really understand how to appreciate the good work by words as I can see everyone has done it in all possible ways they can. However, I wish I knew more about you.

    Goodluck !

  21. nalla ezhuthu.. about me page polum ithra vedippode ezhuthiyirikkunnu.. swapnangalalla.. swapnangalkullile swapnangalathre ezhuthappedendathu.. mangalangal nerunnu..

  22. wow….To protray yourself exactly the way you are(stripped to the core..:)) is one thing..and putting that into words …the essence untouched and raw….mindblowing… and a gift indeed :D…Living in an asylum does seem to bring the best out of people…or should I say the at their craziest best…:D

  23. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  24. Hi, Im currently studying your blogs for my english class, and was wondering if you could answer me some questions
    1- what attitude/ value and belief are being represented in your blogs
    2- how the sociocultural context has influenced your blogs
    thankyouuuu 🙂 x

  25. usually not patient enough to pass by blogs…. but i have to say this, u are unique and i love it….. glad that i came across ur blog……… take care

  26. Hi there, I went through your site and was wondering if you would be keen to be part of this upcoming book project – AN UNOFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK TO SURVIVING IN THE US.

    For writers from the Indian subcontinent living in the US.

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    Please reply by August 31st.

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